Change 67

Get romantic

Cannelloni by candlelight.

Never eaten a meal by candlelight? You don’t know what you’re missing. Candlelight is the arched eyebrow and come-hither stare of the lighting world.

Rather than flicking a light switch, flick a match and light a couple of candles. Candlelight instantly sets the mood, signalling to your significant other that romance is also on the menu. A technique that’s been used pretty much since the day cavemen discovered fire, it’s the oldest trick in the book/cave paintings for wooing a mate.

Other than being an excellent way to get canoodling after a bowl of noodles, eating by candlelight also reduces electricity consumption. So when everyone else in the house has all their devices in, candlelight is the simple way to take the heat out of your household electricity spike.

Maybe you could plan a weekly no-energy date night to coincide with your next SpikeHour?