Change 66

Shift to solar

Make the sunny shift to solar.

There are so many awesome things the sun can do. Like fry an egg on top of the footpath on a really hot day. Or melt a little toy army man through a magnifying glass. Or sunsets, those are pretty neat, right?

What we’re getting at is the sun is a powerful thing.

That’s why at Origin, we’re committed to helping our customers shift to cleaner and smarter energy using it. Yep, the sun. That’s right. We’re one of Australia’s largest retailers of rooftop solar energy and drawing power from the sun is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Shifting is not only easy, but it’s a great thing to do.

Getting clean energy from the sun makes you less reliant on the traditional sources of electricity that are often derived from fossil fuels. And our commitment to this is almost as wide as the sun itself. It means we’re meaningfully on our way to even lower emissions, which is always a good thing. Not just for us, and the planet, but for you.

Want to find out more about how you can harness the awesomeness of the sun with clean solar energy?