Change 64

Start a side hustle with the sun

Get working with the sun.

Since the dawn of dawn, humans have questioned the sun. What is it? Who is it? And why does it undoubtedly revolve around us? (Will fact check this later.)

Yep, they’re all valid questions.

With a solar setup, the sun can help power your home. The more solar generated energy you use in your house during the day – the less energy you need to purchase from the grid. Which means lower energy bills.

But what about if you don’t use all of the energy generated by your solar panels?

Well, this is sent back to the power grid, and then you may be eligible for a credit on your energy bill. This is called a feed-in tariff.

Either way, you’ll have the sun working for you and helping you reduce your energy bill.

You don’t have to share your side hustle with anyone, or devote a low-engagement Instagram page to it (that only you, your mum, and her three closest friends follow), you just have to make a little change with Origin.

The sun does the rest.

Start hustling for good.

Disclaimer: Tariff rates depend on your state and may be funded by your state government, your energy retailer, or a mix of both.