Change 62

Pay it forward

Give the difference and make a difference.

What’s better than the feeling you get from having extra money? Giving it away!

Generosity has been scientifically proven to be a powerful mood booster. So if you’ve saved yourself a few beans switching to a new Origin plan, why not donate the difference to a cause you’re passionate about? Animal lovers can support their local shelter, beachgoers can donate to their local lifesaving club and sports fans can even get behind their local team.

A lot of us think, ‘What’s the point? A couple of bucks isn’t going make a difference.’ But if all of us got into the habit of giving just a little, it’s the same result as one person giving a lot. It all adds up.

‘If you can’t do something big, do something small in a big way’
~someone who probably saved money on an energy bill

If you like the idea of giving but aren’t sure where to start, for inspo check out the range of non-profit organisations that Origin Energy Foundation partners with to help young Australians become the best they can be.