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Cold Lunch Day

Go cold turkey on hot lunches.

Or cold chicken. Or even cold tofu. Cold Lunch Day doesn’t mind what you eat for lunch. You could eat cold Brussel sprouts or cold soup, if that’s your thing. As long as you eat it cold, that’s what counts.

Choosing to turn down the temperature on your lunch may seem like a small thing. But making one day a week Cold Lunch day can help reduce our national lunch-time electricity surge. Microwaves are electricity guzzlers, using around 1200 watts each time – that’s more than your kettle, computer, and toaster combined. Multiply that by everyone in your office and it adds up to be… well… 1200 watts times however many people are in your office.

As an added bonus: starting a Cold Lunch revolution at work may even stop the smell of microwaved hot dogs wafting through your open-plan office for a day. Not mentioning any names (GREG). But some lunches are just better off unheated.

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