Change 58

Start a compost bin

Reincarnate those veggies with compost.

You know that gross ‘end bit’ of a tomato that you never eat and always throw in the bin? It has bigger dreams than going to landfill. And now you can help it live on – with a compost bin.

Put the tomato end (and any other food scraps you have) straight into a compost bin, let the worms do their thing (turning it all into mulch) and throw it straight back in the garden. All of a sudden, that tomato end is no longer the gross ‘end bit’, but is instead the fertile soil that a new batch of carrots can thrive in.

But it’s not just tomato scraps we’re talking about here. In fact, research shows that one third of all food produced is lost or wasted and up to 41 percent of our rubbish bins are filled with food waste. Composting food waste and keeping it out of landfill is a much better idea.

But why is composting so much better than landfill? Well, in landfill, oxygen is low. That means organic materials rot and produce methane – a greenhouse gas more potent than carbon dioxide.

You can help stop this by investing in your own compost bin.

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