Change 54

Lighten your load

Embrace the in-between of dirty and clean.

Love doing laundry? Didn’t think so. But there might be a way for you to do less, saving you effort and electricity. It involves doing a lil something called the ‘sniff test’. Hear us out…

We’ve long been conditioned to throw our clothes straight into the hamper at the end of the day. But… do we always need to? Say you only wore your outfit around the house or to the office on a cool day, where you spent the day sitting – not doing anything sweaty or anything that involved getting dirty. Instead of tossing it straight in with the dirty pile, check your gear for stains, give ‘em a little sniff, and if they pass on both scores, why not give them a second wear?  If they look and smell clean, why not? Who’s gonna know?!


  • Use less water
  • Use less electricity
  • Less washing means fewer times you forget to bring the washing in before it rains

If the sniff test is inconclusive or you’ve got a cold and can’t smell very well, err on the side of ‘wash’.

And it goes without saying that undies and workout gear are always single-wear. ALWAYS.

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