Change 51

Switch it up and clear it out

Clean out your closet.

We all feel it. The instant, intoxicating thrill of hitting ‘Add to Cart.’ Buying new clothes may feel good, but looking good doesn’t always have to come at a financial and environmental cost.

Starting a clothes-swap group with friends is an easy way to change up our wardrobe, minus the cost. More than 501 million kilograms of unwanted clothing ends up in landfill each year. Each year! Sadly, Australians have among the highest-per-capita addiction to fast fashion – one survey found that almost 25% of Australians have turfed a piece of clothing after just one wear. There are lots of reasons for this, but it seems clear that we just don’t value the contents of our wardrobes highly enough.

Not everyone has mates they can swap clothes with. Maybe you don’t have friends who are the same clothing size as you. Or you might love your friend Lonni with the penchant for vintage, but don’t share her love of velvet and lace. Never fear: there are heaps of online clothes-swap groups you can try out to feed your circular-fashion frenzy instead. New clothes have never felt so guilt-free.

Feeling a growing philanthropic streak? Check out the Origin Energy Foundation for more ways you can make a difference.