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Energy boost

Nature’s energy drink.

How’s your energy? No, not your gas and electricity, but your own energy?

Tiredness during the day has many of us reaching for coffee or energy drinks for a pick-me-up. But did you know they can actually have the reverse effect?

A common cause of drowsiness is dehydration. And the good news is that it’s easily remedied by knocking back a glass of nature’s energy drink – water!

How much is enough water? For adults, the recommendation is between about two and three litres a day – and more if you’re losing water through sweat. Drinks that contain caffeine should actually be avoided when you’re dehydrated – they have a diuretic effect on the body, which can dehydrate you even further.

So next time you’re yawning your way through an afternoon meeting (that in fairness, probably should have been an email), knock back some water. Bonus points if it’s from a reusable bottle, which you should make a habit of carrying with you.

If you’re having trouble upping your water intake because of the flavour, jazz it up with some sliced fruit if you’re feeling fancy, or just add a hint of juice to taste.

And if you’re in an office, fill a jug to keep it on your desk and work your way through it. Set reminders to drink a glass every hour or so.  Some smartphone apps and watches have ‘remember to drink water’ reminders inbuilt. What a time to be alive!

So there you have it. Water! Like drinking a nap! And the best thing is, this is one energy drink that’s free and available on tap. Cheers to that!

But that’s not water’s only superpower… It’s also pretty handy at helping to generate clean energy.