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Become a worm farmer

Wiggly waste disposal.

Keen to take your composting game to the next level? Consider turning your bin into a worm farm!

Adding these wiggly little workers to your food scraps helps reduce household waste by keeping it out of landfill – with the added bonus of helping your garden thrive. As the worms break down food matter, they also keep odour to a minimum (unlike food that is left to rot in a bin).

Better yet, as part of the consumption process, the worms produce liquid and solid castings which, when mixed with water, becomes a nutrient-rich, non-toxic soil fertiliser. So not only are worm farms good for your plants, they’re also good for the environment.

Best of all, they’re not just for those with a backyard – a basic worm-farm kit will fit on your balcony. As far as pets go, they’re not the cutest, but they sure are the cheapest to feed. That said, worms only have an appetite for food waste, so avoid feeding them garden waste.

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