Change 44

Embedded Electricity Networks

Good questions. Good answers.

When moving into a new apartment, whether you’re renting or buying, you can help make sure you’re making the most environmentally smart move possible, by asking the right questions. What’s your favourite food? What have you been watching on Netflix? Do you like my haircut? These are bad questions.

Is there an Embedded Electricity Network? How much of that energy is green? Is there room to increase it? These are good ones.

If you don’t know, an Embedded Electricity Network is when a building owner or body corporate negotiates a centralised electricity rate for the customer. It allows for the electricity to be bought in bulk and then distributed at a discounted rate.

With all that energy coming from one place, it’s nice to know that place is a good one. Some of these networks include solar, EV charge points, and batteries helping us work towards a more renewable future.

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