Change 41

What car?

Ghost your car.

For many of us, jumping into the car to get somewhere is almost automatic. Compared to cycling, walking or even public transport, driving feels faster. Easier. Handier. Driving is a helpful shortcut to cut time in the course of our hectic lives.

A great circuit-breaker to our dependence on driving is to pretend like you don’t have a car. Even for just one day a week or month, giving your car the ‘Who ‘dis?’ treatment and choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport can make a huge difference to our planet and our health.

It’s the ol’ two birds, one stone way of thinking. Cycling through the back streets of your neighbourhood to get to the supermarket isn’t only good for the environment. It gives you a chance to be present, to exercise your body and your mind, all at once. And sticky-nosing at your neighbour’s homes? So much easier on a bike.

So next time you automatically reach for the car keys, consider ghosting your car and walking, cycling or catching public transport instead.

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