Change 40

Get exploring

Food. On foot.

Exploring can’t be done from behind a screen. So close your delivery apps. Put down your phone. And put on a pair of walking shoes. Tonight, instead of ordering your food online, find your next meal on foot.

No, we don’t mean go and pick a plum from your neighbour’s tree. And we certainly don’t mean dumpster dive. We just mean that next time you’re feeling peckish, or craving a coffee, try going outside and exploring the neighbourhood for yourself.

Hunting and gathering on foot is more than just a way to track down your next meal. Going for a walk to do some urban foraging can lead you to discover a world of gastronomic delights. You might find a new cafe around, or a bakery you never knew was there. Or a plum tree that’s on the nature strip and ripe for the picking. The only way to find out is to open your door, step out into the fresh air, and see where a walk takes you.

Whatever you find, it’ll taste sweeter when it’s paired with a stroll.

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