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Rug up

Warming a room from the ground up.

Looking to keep warm without having to blast the heater for 6 hours every night? Try adding an extra layer of insulation to your flooring, with a rug. More than just a pretty fleece, rugs are an energy efficient way to keep your room cosy this winter.

Here are a couple things to look out for when choosing a rug to keep you warm.

  • Material – If you’re looking purely for warmth, a thick wool rug is definitely the way to go. If you’re looking for something warm, but also easy to maintain and clean, try looking into good-quality cotton.
  • Thickness – As with any insulation, the thicker the better. The thicker the rug, the further the distance between your feet and the cold floor.
  • Size – Obviously the larger the surface area, the better it will insulate. But if the rug you love doesn’t come in a bigger size, you can also arrange a collection of smaller rugs throughout the main footpaths of your home.

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