Change 38

Take it slow

Master multitasking with a slow cooker.

For most of us, a standard day gets pretty busy. Meals to plan and cook, people to feed, work to do, life to attend to. That’s where multitasking comes in. Why do one thing at a time when you could do many? But multitasking doesn’t need to be hectic – you can slow things right down with a slow cooker.

Slow cookers are the cheat’s way of doing it all. And anyone can master a slow cooker. Just whack a bunch of delicious things into a pot and voila! Six hours later it’s beef bourguignon.

The other amazing thing about slow cookers (other than helping you become as beloved as Donna Hay) is that they use less energy than standard ovens. So you can have something slow cooking all day while you work – with minimal strain on your energy bill.

Looking for other ways to reduce your energy use? There are plenty of little things you can do to help save energy.