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Solar maintenance

Keep it clean.

Spring clean for the summer. Once you’ve installed solar panels, be sure to get them regularly cleaned for maximum efficiency. Unsurprisingly, your solar panels prefer the sun where there’s nothing between them and those sweet sweet rays. Giving your solar panels a scrub helps keep them free of hotspots, minimises microcracks and ensures maximum energy efficiency of your solar system.

Want more info? Here are some FAQSASPCs (Frequently Asked Questions, Specifically About Solar Panel Cleaning).

How often should they be cleaned?

We recommend once every 6 to 12 months (by a professional… don’t go climbing your rooftop with a scrubbing brush).

What should they be cleaned with?

A mild detergent – anything stronger could scratch or damage your panels.

Does having solar panels make us better than people who don’t have them?

We decline to comment.

Want to book in a cleaning now? Check out our solar services to keep your system in tip-top condition.