Change 34

Switch it up

Play business bingo.

If you’re willing to shop around for a better energy provider, then why not shop around for new discoveries in your local area? We’re creatures of habit. But while you may feel loyal to your usual haunts, mixing things up could see you finding a brunch spot/butcher/dog groomer you love even more than your current one. (Yes, even more than the groomer who paints Mittens’ claws red and puts sparkly bows in her hair.)

We’ve recently been reminded of the importance of supporting local. So instead of hitting the tried-and-true places over and over, treat your local area like a bingo card – and don’t stop until you’ve visited every business in it. Except for maybe that weird ‘All-you-can-eat-buffet/Dry cleaning’ place that’s only open for four hours a week…

Want to keep switching it up? Find out how to switch to energy that’s easy to deal with and trusted Australia-wide.