Change 33

Workplace giving

Get your workplace to give back.

All good workplaces give back. And we don’t mean the pens you “borrowed”. Actual good, meaningful change that we all want to see in the community. Everyone should feel empowered in the workplace to challenge the business, and their colleagues, to work out exactly how they can give back.

At Origin, we’re big fans of this. In fact, in 2020, we were awarded ‘Best Workplace to Give Back 2020’. And yes, that’s a real award.

Having a positive impact on our people and the communities we operate in, is the smallest big deal ever. It’s small because it should go without saying, but it’s also a big deal. Because it’s this kind of mentality that frames how we do things, and who we are at Origin Energy.

Especially when it comes to our Origin Energy Foundation, which works with Australian non-profit organisations that use education, training and development to help young people become the best that they can be.

Everything’s a two-way, feel-good street. And it all starts with a simple change of mindset. Question what it is you and your workplace can do to give back. Then join Origin to be a part of another organisation that’s also encouraging that. On the daily.

Check out what we’re doing. It might help.