Change 32

Meat-Free Monday

Become 1/7th vegetarian.

Not everyone can be Greta Thunberg, or invent the next Seabin. Creating change doesn’t always require founding a global revolution that gets you on the cover of  Time magazine. Change can start simple. With things that you do in your own world, every week. Like trying Meat-free Mondays.

Simply skipping meat one day a week can save 699.04 kilometres of greenhouse gases from being emitted into our atmosphere every year. Not to mention, animal agriculture also uses up a lot of water. Eating plant-based sausages instead steak just one day a week would save 789.25 bathtubs of water per year.

Going meat-free doesn’t only help our environment, it also helps you. Compared to someone who eats 100g of processed red meat per day, going meat-free on Mondays could help you live an extra 1.67 days longer. That’s a whole season of Bridgerton you’d miss out on watching. And that? That would be a tragedy.

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