Change 30

Olden Days’ Day

Disconnect to reconnect. 

Looking for a creative way to spend some quality time together? Why not have an ‘Olden Days’ Day’. For 24 hours, experience life as it was before electricity was invented by vowing to use none for 24 hours. Think no cooking appliances, no internet, no lights, no TV, no smartphones, no car!

You’ll be forced to get creative with what you eat, how you travel and how you amuse yourselves. Here are some suggestions:

Storytelling – read a book aloud or tell classic campfire tales

Got a fireplace? Roast marshmallows!

Play card and board games together

Not only does ‘Olden Days’ Day’ bring you closer together, it also shaves a whole day off your energy bill. It’ll also make you appreciate living in a time of microwaves and hot water heaters that much more.

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