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Join the dots on VPP

Cleverer, cleaner, more efficient energy.

Origin’s Virtual Power Plant (aka VPP) is the power plant of the future. Sounds cool, huh? But what even is a VPP?

A VPP is a bunch of power-generating or storage units and other connected services that sit in separate locations – like solar panels, batteries, electric vehicles, hot water systems – and connect virtually. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) supercomputer analyses data from all these connected services and overlays some cool algorithms to regulate the way energy flows and is managed.

Demand for energy high? No, problem – the VPP can use its AI smarts to combine all the electricity produced and stored by the connected assets and reduce load across the network. It can do this by moving the electrons where they are needed most.

Demand across the network low? Too easy! The VPP can store energy from the connected units for later. The VPP moves electrons around the energy system to create a better balance between supply and demand.

With the old-school energy network, the energy you use in your home was produced by power plants. In the future energy grid, households will not only generate and export energy, but will also be able to automate and optimise how and when they use energy in their own home.

With the installation of a smart solar and battery system in your home, you may be able to become a VPP community member. Your household could be an active participant in the VPP by contributing energy to the grid (through solar or battery) – but also by doing nothing and letting the AI take care of it. Winning!

So join the network* and help power your community. You know what they say: ‘There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. But there is a ‘U’ in ‘Origin’s Virtual Power Plant – the power plant of the future.’

*T&Cs and eligibility and availability criteria apply

Thinking about getting solar or a battery?

If you’re in Victoria and thinking about getting solar and/or a battery, check out this great offer. (And don’t fret, rest-of-Australia. We’ll be rolling out programs for other cities and towns soon. Watch this space!)

Join the VPP


Want to dip your toe in the pool?

Spike is a great way to enjoy the clever technology that comes from Origin’s Virtual Power Plant. Spike allows you to control your energy by participating in energy-saving hours when demand is high on the grid – and you get rewarded for doing so. Nice!

Joining Spike is easy – all you need is a smart meter. And for customers in SA and QLD who don’t already have a smart meter, we will arrange for a free upgrade of your meter when you switch to Spike.

Learn more about Origin Spike