Change 23

Health and wellbeing

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy workplace.

Speaking of changes, COVID-19 led to about as many as possible. But they weren’t all bad. As well as embedding effective safety processes for our employees and the community, we also recognised the importance of supporting our people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Our Health and Safety team developed and delivered a range of support tools, including:

  • An online health and wellbeing hub with a range of resources including information on mental health, fitness and nutrition.
  • A schedule of online speakers, including qualified psychologists, who provided tips around managing lockdown, supporting children during this time and mental health signs to look out for.
  • We offered weekly online fitness classes including yoga, desk stretching, pilates and meditation.
  • In addition to information on nutrition, we also organised healthy online cooking classes. This not only helped our staff to look after their physical health, but gave them the opportunity to come together in support of one another.

If you want to help create positive change around mental health, it’s as easy as checking up on a workmate and asking them how they are. You never know the difference a simple ‘how’s it going’ can make.