Change 18

Customer centre

A Customer Centre, where you’re actually the centre.

The world doesn’t usually revolve around you.  But ours does.

We’re revolutionising customer service to be all about you.

You choose how and when you want to contact us.

Want to talk to a person? We can do that.

Want your question answered through the app? We can do that too. Prefer a website? We’ve got one of those. More of a social person? You can reach us there too.

Any way you make contact, there’s expert advice, to help make energy easier.

So give us a call. Or send us a direct message. Or email. Or hit us up on social. Carrier pigeon – we might need to look into that. But for any other contact method, like we said – whatever works for you!

And by the way, more changes that will make it even easier for you are coming sooner than you might think!

Make life admin a breeze with the Origin mobile app.