Change 14

Shop once

Make one stop at the one stop shop.

Picture this – you’re at the shops. You see avocados on special for $2 each. You think to yourself ‘I haven’t had avo on toast in a while’, so you buy one. The next morning, after polishing it off for breakfast, you think to yourself ‘That was delicious. I am a chef of the highest skill. I should make that more often.’ So you go back to the shops and buy another avocado and do it all again.

Nice. You’ve pulled off the devine dish of avo on toast, not once, but twice in a row. But you’ve also made two trips to the shops. That’s double the amount of time you’ve spent, and if you drove – double the amount of emissions.

The solution’s easy – just buy two avocados. Or two boxes of cereal. Or a bigger carton of eggs. Or whatever’s on your list. And while we’re at it, we should emphasise that – your list. It sounds obvious, but we’ve all gotten home and realised we’ve forgotten to get milk. So whether it’s on your phone, a bit of scrap paper or the inside of an old cornflakes box, grab something and start scribbling your list – starting with two avocados.

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