Change 12

Online offset

The screen-to-sweat-ratio.

Most of us would be willing to admit we spend too much time staring at screens. But rather than feel guilty about it, why not offset it with something positive for your health? Screens are unavoidable for most of us, but screen time isn’t necessarily all bad. Look at you right now – you’re reading about ways to make positive changes, after all!

With that in mind, why not start by vowing to offset every hour you spend online with a minute of physical activity.  Most smartphones now have screen time trackers – use yours to calculate how many hours you’ll need to offset. Use these minute-long activities as circuit-breakers throughout the day, or save them up to be spent positively in one block.

Try a minute of the following. But be warned – like microwave or treadmill minutes, some of these will feel like a lot longer!

  • Skipping on the spot
  • Plank
  • Hold a yoga pose for one minute
  • Sprint!
  • Neck stretches at your desk
  • Jumping jacks
  • Eye exercises to give your peepers a rest
  • Micro journaling – write down something that went well for you today!

Start out with one minute and you might be tempted to go for longer. You might even find more of your screen time is spent looking for new ways to get active. (But no judgment if it’s mostly TikTok.)