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Origin’s Clean Hydrogen

Energy’s Dream Team.

At Origin, we’re teaming up with everyone’s favourite elements, to develop a clean energy source that never runs out. It’s called Clean Hydrogen, and it uses sustainable water, wind and the sun.

We produce hydrogen by taking sustainable water (or for those of you with big brains, ‘H2O’) and splitting the hydrogen and oxygen atoms using a process called electrolysis, which is powered by renewable energy. The hydrogen then reacts with the oxygen in the air, generating heat energy, which is in turn, used to generate electricity.

Here are the advantages:

  • Sustainability: Hydrogen is emerging as a way for us to significantly decarbonise future energy production.
  • Flexibility: Hydrogen is also a flexible energy source – it can be used immediately or be stored and transported for later use.
  • Domestic and commercial: Clean hydrogen could support domestic energy needs. It can be used as a clean transport fuel, for providing electricity to the grid, and in factories to offset the carbon from manufacturing processes.

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