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Play “I Spy…”

Teach better energy habits with a game of “I Spy…”

Teaching your kids good habits can be painful. Not tiny-pinch painful. More like pulling-teeth-with-a-pair-of-pliers painful. You can go on and on (and on) about how wasting energy is bad for the environment, or how it puts a dent in their Nintendo-Switch-for-Christmas budget, without budging their behaviour.

It’s not that kids don’t want to be helpful. It’s just that doing what’s good for them can seem kind of un-fun.

So say goodbye to nagging and hello to fun and games! Because when it comes to teaching kids how to save energy and set up good habits for life, “I Spy…” has your back.

You can start the game off by identifying small moments of energy wastage in your home. Like, “I spy with my little eye… a lamp that’s been left on in daylight.” Or “I spy with my little eye… an air-conditioner and a heater on at the same time.” Spying all the different ways to improve energy usage in a fun and blame-free way helps kids see their home environment with fresh eyes, upgrade old habits and think more mindfully about how they live and play – minus the tension.

But want to know the best way to get kids to change what they do? It’s you. Parents are their kids’ number-one role models. When they see you using energy mindfully, they will take their cue from you and follow along.

Want more ideas to help kids be more energy efficient?