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Don’t forget to empty the dryer filter


On a scale of most important to least important, cleaning the air filter in our clothes dryer is probably rated at about, oh, -1000. But we’re here to bump cleaning your air filter up to the top ten. Because making time to clean that weird little patch of lint in your clothes dryer can actually affect your energy usage.

Clogged, dirty filters block normal airflow and reduce your appliance’s efficiency. Clean filters mean you use less electricity to dry your clothes, each and every load. Maintaining your dryer and cleaning out that mountain of lint, even just once a month, can take a chunk out of your energy bill.

Even better, on sunny days, let your clothes dry au naturale. Hanging clothes to dry uses no electricity, the sun can help bleach stains out of clothes, and, even more helpfully, sun-power is 100% free.

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