Change 03

Eraring power plant

Discover Eraring power plant’s plant power.

Australians love plants. We love flowers. We love gardens. We love drinking a beer in a garden then calling it a beer garden. Which isn’t really about the plants anymore, but in a peculiar way, the name somehow makes the activity feel healthier.

At Origin, we love plants too. Especially at our Eraring power plant nursery. In a way, you could say it’s a power plant that powers plants. We’ll explain how.

Australia has a rich history of diverse Indigenous flora, and here, we’ve built a dedicated seed nursery to ensure we rejuvenate and regenerate the Indigenous flora and fauna. There are over 110 native species on site, and the team from the nursery collect seeds from these plants, propagate seedlings, and raise tube stock for planting. The team is also responsible for weed and pest control, clearing of nominated areas, and bushfire management.

Five local Indigenous employees work at our nursery, including three trainees studying for their Certificate III in Indigenous Land Management. While the trainees are constantly learning, their knowledge of traditional Indigenous land management practices is proving to be invaluable.

That’s why for this change, we’re encouraging you (a certified green-thumb), to learn a little more about our native, Indigenous flora (and fauna). Read a little, plant a little seedling at home, and discover some really big, awesome things about Australia.

Ready to learn more about Indigenous flora and fauna?