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Post a review

Less hating, more 5-star rating.

At Origin, we encourage everyone to regularly review their energy bill. And now, we’re encouraging you to make another kind of review on the reg.

Next time you have a top-notch experience with a local business, why not jump online and leave them some glowing feedback? It doesn’t have to be lengthy – just state the genuine reason they made you a happy customer.

People often don’t make the effort to rate or review a business unless they’ve had a negative experience, so let’s balance out the bad by calling out the good. You can leave a Google review, tag them in a shoutout on social media, or even email them directly to tell them what a great job they’re doing. Think about how good it would feel if the same was done for you. Pretty darn good, we’re guessing!

The great thing about positive feedback is that it’s encouraging. When you let a business know what they’re doing right, they know to keep it up and keep you as a customer. You’ll be sorry you didn’t say anything when your favourite pizza joint removes their Spag Bol pie from the menu.

So go on, use the power of positivity and give your faves a plug.

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