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Pets on the bed

Treat yourself to a hot dog.

Save energy by turning off that heater and letting pets up on the bed. They’re natural heaters. That’s right, owning a pet can actually save you money. (Note: all figures were calculated excluding any pet bills that you may or may not have had to pay after your dog swallowed a bunch of grapes, or cushion stuffing, or whatever he’s come across this week.)

Don’t have a pet? Here are a few other ways you can save this winter:

  • Keep your thermostat between 18°C and 20°C – every degree you reduce heat can save up to 10 percent on your energy use.
  • Keep showers short – hot water usage accounts for around 21 percent of your energy bill, so having shorter showers can result in big savings in the long run.
  • Close your curtains – shutting curtains or blinds is an easy way to stop heat escaping. Windows can let more than 40 percent of your winter warmth leak out of your home.

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