California’s solar farm sparks energy revolution

Los Angeles based solar developer 8minuteemergy has signed a power purchase agreement to develop 90MW Springboy 3 Solar Farm in Kern County, California.

Written By Anja Barisic

US independent solar developer 8minutenergy has received approval for a Power Purchase Agreement to develop Springbok 3 Solar Farm, located in Kern County, California.

The project is the third installation in the Springbok group, joining 8minutenergy’s Springbok 1 and Springbok, both built by Martin Hermann’s company 8minuteenergy (a nod to the time it takes the sun’s rays to reach earth).

8minutenergy’s Hermann has said “we are proud to be a dedicated provider of reliable, cost-effective solar energy to the people of Los Angeles. We are fully committed to our project’s successes and track record: our Springbok 1 and 2 farms are fully commissioned and operating. The addition of Springbok 3 is further proof of our reliable business model and partnership approach.”*

Combined, the three new Springbok solar facilities are set to generate enough clean, renewable energy to serve more than 152,000 Los Angeles households. The amount of greenhouse gas emissions avoided can be compared to to removing amost 150,000 cars from the road.

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