Businesses find a new way to save with Solar

Local businesses are finding managing energy costs a real challenge. Going solar helps tackle this issue, and now with Solar Flex, businesses require no initial outlay.

One business set to save with solar is Townsville Engineering, a local manufacturer of mining equipment in Bohle, Queensland. They are expected to generate a third of their energy needs at a much lower rate than the electricity grid rate, by using a new product from Origin, Solar Flex.

For a business that uses high-powered welders, milling machines and air conditioners, it’s not surprising that energy costs continue to impact margins and further growth for the local exporter. So the company decided the next best avenue to combat this was to consider going solar.

Business solar with no capital outlay

When Townsville Engineering looked into adding solar to their existing business, they realised they needed a large installation. Traditionally, this would mean a substantial upfront cost with significant ongoing expenditure on maintenance. General Manager Richard Parker spoke to several solar companies about the cost, when he discovered Origin’s new solar offering, known as Solar Flex.  Solar Flex provides businesses with solar energy without any capital outlay for the solar system. The monitoring and maintenance of the system is provided by energy experts at Origin. 

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Reducing energy costs with solar

Using solar is a great way to help reduce business operational costs. As part of Origin’s Solar Flex a business owner can lock in a daytime energy rate that is lower than the rate they usually pay on their energy bills from the grid.

In the case of Townsville Engineering, Origin’s solar team inspected their 5,000 plus square meter building site, and analysed that the business could save approximately a third of its energy needs at a rate much lower than what they were usually paying. The company decided to go solar, with an 80kW system after meeting with Origin, with no capital outlay in the system. General Manager Richard shared “the whole process has been easy since Origin came back to us with this new option.”

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Driving sustainability outcomes in the business

In addition to reducing costs for the firm, going solar also enabled Townsville Engineering to reduce its carbon footprint. This is a great differentiator for the business when dealing with customers that want to choose a more sustainable supplier. The General Manager said, “We’re excited to see the new electricity savings, but are also glad that we can find a way to be environmentally conscious.”

“We’re excited to see the new electricity savings, but are also glad that we can find a way to be environmentally conscious.” 

– General Manager, Richard Parker

Staying competitive and finding ways to be sustainable with a business can be challenging, but with Origin’s Solar Flex option, businesses can do both.

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Enjoy the benefits of solar and help reduce your electricity costs.


Other upfront non-system costs may apply with Solar as a Service but these will be quoted or listed as exclusions prior to sale. Actual savings will depend on a range of factors particular to your circumstances, including daily consumption levels and patterns, distributor or network restrictions (currently or in the future) and grid electricity rates and feed in.

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