Boost your child’s creative thinking

Did you know the trampoline, icy poles, earmuffs and braille were all born from the minds of children?

Understanding creative thinking starts young 

Origin is excited to be inspiring the next generation of kids’ inventions with its littleBIGidea competition for students across grades three to eight.

By detailing their idea in 200 words or less, young inventors have the chance to win major prizes including a trip of a lifetime to the USA to visit NASA Cape Kennedy Space Centre.

There’s no limits on how little or big the idea can be, so parents: you help these young inventors get involved. 

How to help inspire creative thinking

Innovation expert and former host of the ABC’s The New Inventors James O’Loghlin will be one of the people tasked with judging the kids’ inventions in this competition.

As such, he has some tips on how to inspire innovation through creative activities for children.

Mr O’Loghlin believes the simplest way to get children learning is to tap into their interests, to develop their questioning and problem-solving skills.

He said parents could stimulate their curiosityby offeringtheir children learning activities.

“Give them old stuff to experiment with – Styrofoam, fabric, glue, wire, toothpicks, screws or cogs and get them to create something from scratch,” he said.

“Encourage them to read a wide variety of genres from science fiction to comedy to books about animals, space travel and the world.”

Mr O’Loghlin said most of all parents should give words of encouragement to inspire creative thinking in these children learning activities.

“Remember that almost every inventor failed many times before they succeeded. Failing is part of the process, and an opportunity to learn,” he said. 

More about the competition

Origin’s littleBIGidea is one of the best competitions for kids as it inspires creative activities for children.

Winning entries to Origin’s littleBIGidea will be selected based on an exceptional demonstration of originality, creativity, practicality, imagination and innovation.

The creative thinking will be judged across grades 3-4, grades 5-6 and years 7-8, with the top four entries in each category being recognised and receiving at least $1,000 in prize money. One national prize winner will then be selected from the top four in each category and will receive the trip to the USA.

Former host of Network Ten’s science show Scope and CSIRO scientist Dr Rob Bell and senior executives from Origin will be joining James O’Loghlin as judges for these kids’ inventions.

Parents can help these young inventors create a video, draw a picture or take a photo of their idea to accompany the 200-word description. However, remember that ideas must be original and practical, so make sure they don’t already exist.

Entries are now open and close on 30 September. To enter or find more information, go to

So what do you think? Seems like a pretty good reward to get your children learning. 

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