Origin to deliver big savings to South Australian concession holders

7 December 2017

Origin will offer South Australian concession holders an 18% discount, to help provide relief against high power prices and lower the electricity bills of those who need it most.

Origin has successfully secured a South Australian government tender, and will make available to South Australian concession holders an 18 per cent saving off Origin’s usage and supply charges, with flexible payment options and no paper bill, late payment or exit fees.

Origin Executive General Manager Retail, Jon Briskin said, “We’re determined to keep protecting those South Australians who can least afford to pay higher electricity prices.”

In June, Origin announced that South Australian customers in its Power On hardship program would not pay a mid-year price increase, and earmarked $12 million for financial hardship relief across Australia in the coming year.

“We’re particularly mindful of the impact of high energy bills on older and vulnerable members of our society and that is why we’re providing deep discounts to concession holders, and ensuring those in financial hardship don’t pay higher prices.

“We want all Australians to more easily compare, understand and access our deals. We’ve been writing to our customers on standing offers and launched the Savernator online comparison tool, which presents personalised dollar savings to help customers access better deals with ease and confidence.

“We’re aiming to deliver relief where it’s needed most,” Mr Briskin said.