New solar initiative removes system purchase costs

9 October 2015

A new initiative from solar experts is changing the way we can access solar systems for our homes and businesses.

Purchase costs for solar systems could be a thing of the past with energy companies such as Origin launching alternative options which move set-up and maintenance costs away from the customer and on to the energy provider.

The cost of purchasing a solar system can run into thousands of dollars, making it an unrealistic financial choice for some home and business owners. Recent research from Google 1 shows that 40% of people living in the state of Victoria say the reason they haven’t yet moved to solar power is due to the setup costs.

For companies such as Origin, its new initiative called Solar Flex aims to remove this perceived cost barrier and make green energy generation a reality for more people. The service means the cost to purchase and maintain a solar system will fall to the energy provider, not the energy user. The user will be charged for the solar power generated from the panels on their roof.  

Find out more about Solar Flex

"Without these costs as a barrier to entry solar energy is more accessible than ever in Australia."

Find out more about Solar Flex


Origin Executive General Manager Phil Mackey, said, "With Solar Flex, eligible customers pay nothing upfront for the system as Origin owns, installs and maintains the solar system for them. This means customers can relax, go green, and enjoy electricity cost savings from day one."

Origin's Solar Flex is currently available to households and to businesses within 100km of Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Townsville.

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1 Source: Google research commissioned by Origin Energy June 2015.