Energy saving tips for new parents

Written for Origin Energy by Sally Bernard.

And here we go again.

A newborn baby welcomed into our home.

For us, that makes three.

Not that it makes it any easier.

And it does not make those feelings of absolute pure joy & love any less the third time around.

We are lucky.

So very lucky.

To bring our little bundle safely delivered into our arms, through our front door and into our family of five.

We do know where to from here. We have done this before.

There will be sleepless nights.

And hours upon hours of feeding, nappy changes, outfit changes and washing.

Washing. Did I mention washing? I do not think we have stopped washing since the moment we stepped foot through that door!

We are outnumbered now too.  Two of us and three of them.

Any form of adult conversation between us is lost for at least the next few years.

We can try to chat – we will always be interrupted. Unfinished sentences will be left hanging and we will never remember to return.

We can try and sit down together – but someone will always need something. And one of us will need to get up.

Gone are those days where it was just us and we could do as we please.

A spontaneous dinner date. Heading out without concern of when we may chose to head home.

And gone is ‘me time’. Five minutes (if that) of peace and quiet is the most you are ever going to get! And when you do, you barely have the energy left to make yourself a cup of tea!

Energy. Or lack of it. It is always hard to prepare for the amount of energy the care of a newborn – and any other children – will take out of you.

It is also difficult to gauge just how much additional energy you are going to use around the home.

That’s where Origin Energy’s Predictable Plan can help. A tailor made price just for you – the same bill amount every month – no room for surprises!

There are other ways you can save energy around the home. Be sure to educate older children and have them involved in being kind to the environment too.

Here are our top five Energy Saving Tips (with a new baby in the home!) that we use – and encourage our older boys to do the same.

Image via Sally’s Instagram page @insidefourlines

5 energy saving tips

The heat is on!

By using timers to turn our heating/cooling on and off, we are able to control the amount of power we are using. Temperatures are set at a moderate level, the heating/cooling is zoned throughout our home and we are mindful to keep doors closed in areas of the home that we are not using. Keep in mind, adding and removing additional layers of clothing/bedding etc. is also a cost effective alternative!

Light up the night!

Battery operated LED night lights are a great alternative for the kids (and those night time feeds with a newborn). We also have sensor lights in the hallway that turn on and off for the older two when they occasionally wake in the night.

While we are talking lights, be sure to change all globes in the house to LED – they are well worth the investment.

Fill it up…

Guaranteed to happen quickly with an expanding family (I’m talking an everyday occurrence!) – fill up the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads before turning them on (using an eco-wash option where possible).

Air-dry it – naturally.

Say bye-bye to your dryer and hello to the good old-fashioned clotheshorse! We have two. And they are full – ALL THE TIME.  Easy to use both inside and out, they make the perfect, all weather, money saving alternative.

Goodbye Standby!

Yep, it might be obvious – but turning appliances off at the power point is a HUGE energy saver!

This is the time in our lives where little people rule our world. We are in it now and there is no return!

But the days of just the two of us will return in years to come. When our boys are all grown up and we are left longing for the chaos to return.

So let’s embrace it.

Powered by the love that is family. 

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