Baby steps to saving energy

If there’s one thing that will probably increase when you have just had a baby, besides the amount of times you put the kettle on, it’s your energy bill. We’ve pulled together some handy tips to help keep your energy bill down after your bundle of joy arrives.

Welcoming a new baby is stressful and costly enough without adding a high energy bill into the mix. With the TV on more often while feeding, washing more, ensuring the little one’s room is the perfect temperature and flicking on the kettle – it’s easy to see how these things can begin to add up. These tips can help you be as energy-efficient as possible while you settle in to newborn life.

Man (or woman) the stations

Try setting up a series of stations around your home and see how some small things can make a big difference.

1. Feeding station

Have your remote and phone handy, perhaps have a charger nearby too. Pillows? Water? Entertainment? Tick! Remember you can be stuck there for a while. Whilst this tip might not save you energy on your bill, but it will help restore your all important energy.

2. Washing stations

Have your clothes sorted into piles or baskets to clearly show what needs soaking, is ready to be washed, and is ready for folding and what can put away. You’ll be doing a lot of washing with a new baby and an organised laundry is a happy laundry, it can also help you cut down on the amount of loads you’re doing.

3. Bottle cleaning stations

Try and keep the bottles to be sterilised, along with all the stuff you need to do it set up in one easy to reach area. This will save you leaving the tap running while you try and find where you left the bottle cleaner.

Practical ways to take steps towards energy saving

1. Drying

If the weather is fine, try and use the clothes line for drying rather than the dryer. The fresh air and sunshine on your back for a few minutes will be enough to give you a burst of energy and zen. Pegging washing can be just as good as meditation.

2. Blinds

Good block out blinds won’t just help baby sleep, they’ll help insulate the room.  Remember on cold days to open them wide and let as much natural sunshine in. It makes everything seem less overwhelming in those first newborn haze weeks and as a bonus it will warm things up.

3. Lighting

Use as many lamps as you can around the house rather than overhead halogen lighting, and try and switch the globes to energy efficient LEDs. Dim lighting will also help keep everyone chilled out in the middle of the night.

4. Heating & cooling

Heating on in the baby’s room? Keep that door shut so the heat stays in. Same goes with the air conditioner; trap that air!

5. Appliances

Turn off small kitchen appliances that aren’t being used – though small they can all add up to 5% of your energy bill.

6. Cooking 

When cooking or re-heating home cooked meals that people have prepared for you make sure you use fan forced oven setting as it will cook quicker and more evenly.  

7. Get outside

Make sure you make the most of the days outside. For me, this is the key to feeling a little normal when everything can seem so upside down and not normal. If you’re a member of our energy-saving rewards program, Spike, make the most of your SpikeHours when they pop up by having a cup of tea with the sunshine on your back in winter (or a cool drink in the shade on a hot summer’s day), a break outdoors can feel as restorative as a nap. If you feel up to it, take the baby for a walk, a stroll can do wonders for your head-space.

8. Check your energy plan

A simple tip but one that can be overlooked while you’re planning for life with a newborn. Check your bill and make sure you’re on an energy plan that’s right for your household. Taking the time to check your energy plan could result in significant savings on your energy usage. You can compare our energy plans in just a few minutes!

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