Australians lose an average of 208 days of their lives moving home

Did you know that Australians lose more than half a year of their lives moving home, and almost another half a year on the phone waiting on hold?

We recently carried out some research and found that more than three quarters of Australians feel like moving home is one of life’s most stressful events.

There’s just so much to get done when moving – from booking removalists, to redirecting your post and packing, the whole process can be exhausting.

When you consider the extensive checklist you have to get through, it’s no wonder Aussies are stressed.

Kate Christie, a time management expert and Director of Time Stylers says that where and how we choose to live is an important decision and we invest a lot in the process, so anything that can help give people some extra time and make it easier will be helpful.

 “To reduce stress, it’s key for movers to streamline, be as efficient as possible, and work out where time savings are to be had” Kate says.

The average amount of time invested in each home move is more than 16 working days. When multiplied by an average 13 moves per lifetime, that equals 208 days spent moving home across a lifetime. That’s a lot of time.

Our research also shows that when connecting services to their new property – the majority of people (57.8 per cent) prefer to contact their service provider by phone.

The same research shows that Australians can expect to spend an average of 133 working days during their lifetime on hold to different service providers and retailers.

“Being on hold is one of the worst forms of dead time,” Kate adds.

Check out this blog for Kate’s top 5 time management tips for movers.

To make moving faster and easier, we’ve lunched a range of new and improved services so that you can take can take control of your life back.

For all customers calling 13 MOVE to arrange energy for their move, we promise customers will be able to speak to a real person within two minutes or they’ll receive a $50 credit on their first bill after they move. For customers who choose to move online, they can organise their move in minutes.

“We’ve been listening to what’s important to our customers when they move home, and our two minute call promise will help make moving house quicker and easier,” Jon Briskin, General Manager, Origin Retail, says.

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