Video Day 6: Hello? Come inside the call centre

3 September 2015

We asked Kayte Murphy from Woogsworld to come on the road with us and find out how energy gets to her every day. 

If you’ve been travelling with me from the get-go, you’ll know about the places I have visited and the gazillion questions I’ve asked. Yes, I like to know stuff.

If you've just joined my Origin road trip, you can catch up on days 1 - 5 below. I found out what’s behind my electricity bill and how gas is processed and used for electricity generation. 

One of the most interesting things I learnt on my road trip didn’t actually happen on the road. I visited Origin’s call centre in Melbourne, where I wandered the Customer Service department with Damien, Group Manager Customer Service.

In my head, I’ve always pictured call centres as rows and rows of miserable looking people, but the vibe in the Origin call centre couldn’t have been more different. There’s loads of light and a great diversity of people who patiently take call after call, solve problems and offer solutions. 

Take a look for yourself!

Day 6 - Talking to customers

Electricity providers: How energy retailing works

I met Kylie, who confessed she loves to talk, which is lucky since she can take up to 80 calls a day! She explained the types of conversations she has, with customers wanting to check their balances or pricing and tariffs, and with people wanting to understand the new customer friendly features Origin has introduced. Features like EasiPay, which means you can be billed as often as weekly – great for household budgeting. And My Account, which means you can access your bill at any time online, – a bit like mobile banking I guess.

The thing that struck me the most was Origin’s shift towards working WITH the customer to make our lives a little easier. 


Take a look at the next part of my journey where I find out where my energy might come from in the future and what innovations are coming down the line.

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Authored by Kayte Murphy

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