Save money on moving costs

Moving into your first home, or a new share house is an exciting time, but boy, the costs can add up. A recent Second Hand Economy study1 from popular listings site has found that 63% of people prefer to choose second hand items when moving into a new home to help manage the costs.

The study1 shows that one of the key motivations for second hand shopping is to help boost savings for big ticket items such as holidays and house deposits.

Kitting out your new home

In Feb 2015 listed:

– 10,147 fridges – that’s an average of 363 fridges a day
– 5,757 washing machines – approx. 205 a day
– 12,272 couches, approx. 438 a day
– 18,134 beds, approx. 647 a day 

Surprisingly, only 869 dishwashers were sold across the month; suggesting that a dishwasher is considered more of a luxury item than a necessity, for many movers.

“363 fridges a day were sold on in February 2015.”

Selling can help boost your funds

Selling pre-loved items can boost your funds for moving. The report shows that the average Gen Y has sold more than $6,268 worth of unwanted goods in the past 12 months, reflecting a growing second hand movement with the majority of parents (88%) saying they would advise their children to buy and sell second hand items over brand new.

In 2015 62% of Gen Y sold an item they don’t use. Compared with 54% of Gen X and just 39% of Baby Boomers. On average second hand buyers have spent an average of $2,939 over the past year on used items.

It’s not just household items, 182,199 garden items were listed in just one month on

For more second hand bargains for inside and outside your new home, visit

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1. Gumtree Second Hand Economy Report, commissioned by Galaxy Research, August 2015  

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