5 tips to simplify your energy bills

As an answer to large bill fluctuations, Origin has launched a product allowing customers to pay a fixed amount for their energy consumption every month, for 12 months (our Fair Use Policy applies if your usage is excessive or unreasonable).

Launched in March 2016, Predictable Plan, promised to change the way people think about energy usage by introducing a way to avoid bill shock.

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If you’re not an Origin customer you can still get Predictable Plan. All we’ll need is 3 months of historical usage at your current address to calculate your plan.

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Need help with your bills?

There are some simple ways to get in control of  bill usage and payment, here are five tips to get started:

1. Use Direct Debit

It might not calculate electricity usage, but using direct debit will help paying bills by saving you time. By heading to the ‘My Account’ section of the Origin website and setting up direct debit, can avoid having to pay a bill in person again.

2. Pay your electricity bill online and use e-billing

You can pay your electricity bill online, so it figures you should be able to receive your bill digitally too. By choosing e-billing, you can have your bill sent directly to your inbox. This means you can see your energy usage from your email account and make your bill payment online.  

3. Choose the best products for a stress free life

Products from Origin – such as Predictable Plan – have been designed to make things easier. Choosing Predictable Plan lets you set and forget your bills for 12 months, so you can focus on the more important stuff in life. Choosing Predictable Plan means you’ll pay a fixed amount for your electricity or natural gas each month for one year. No price hikes, no nasty surprises. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of direct debit and receiving your bills by email.

4. Use an online account manager

Using your smartphone or tablet is a great way to calculate energy usage if your energy provider has a website or app tailored for these devices. For example, with the Origin service you can log into My Account and manage your preferences remotely. From there you can set up direct debit, switch to e-billing, and check recent usage and more.

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5. Understand your usage

If you want help paying bills, a few simple changes around the home could see you using less energy on a daily basis and help reduce your energy costs. No changes are too small, with everything allowing for some big savings over time. We have some useful energy saving tips to help you understand your usage, which will take the pressure off when you next pay your electricity bill online.

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