5 reasons to manage your accounts online

Many of us love the immediacy of the internet, so it makes sense that we’re turning to online self-service to manage our bills, mail and everyday accounts.

In our tech-savvy world, receiving letters and bills in our mailboxes is becoming a thing of the past. We’re now getting information in a matter of seconds, not days.

1. Instant account access 

For many of us our mobile phones are never far away. With many companies offering online payment options you could find that paying a bill is as easy as logging into an online account. A few swipes of your screen and you’re done! 

Heading online puts you in control of your day. You can access your accounts whenever needed.

If you’re an Origin customer, you can update your personal details, organise a house move (in and out), pay a bill, set-up a direct debit payment option, send a query and change your electricity or gas plan. And that’s just to start. A one-stop shop!

2. Save paper and the environment

Do your paper bills go straight in the bin?

Australia used approximately 1,411 million tonnes of paper between 2013 to 20141; so choosing e-billing as your preference can be a great way to get a little greener. Check your bank statements, mobile phone and energy bills and see if you can swap to online services.

3. Simplify your filing system

If filing and home admin aren’t your strong points then switching to online services could be for you. A simple search of your inbox will bring up your bills. Better yet, if you have an online account with your supplier just head there for up-to-date information on your account. 

“Heading online puts you in control of your day. You can access your accounts whenever needed.”

4. You can better manage your finances

When an email is sent, the digital world dispatches the message in seconds. For your bills, this can give you an extra few days notice to budget your expenses. 

5. Reduce clutter and mess

All those extra paper bills and letters around your home and business can create unnecessary clutter. If you’re looking for an easy way to minimise the mess, then consider asking retailers and businesses to send you online versions of brochures, documents and bills. It’s also easier to forward online documents to a family member, housemate or file for tax time.  


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Have a question about your bill? Need to make a payment? Or simply interested in learning more about your home energy usage? You can do it all through My Account, any time.

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