5 bottled gas mistakes to avoid

Managing household gas bottles doesn’t need to be tricky. Avoid these common errors and you’ll keep your gas flowing like a pro.

Do you use LPG bottles at home for your cooking, heating or hot water? Make short work of cold showers by watching out for these traps.

Give these LPG mistakes a miss

1. Not ordering when the first bottle runs out

If you have multiple gas bottles that are connected by a changeover lever, you’ve got what’s known as an ‘exchange system’. It’s called that for a very simple reason – when a bottle’s empty, you swap it for a full one.

Some people mistakenly think that they can’t request a cylinder delivery until both bottles have run out. Not at all. In fact, the reason why your LPG supplier provides you with two bottles is so you can use the gas from the second bottle while you wait for them to come to your property and exchange the empty one. 

As soon as one bottle runs out of gas, order a new one.

“As soon as one bottle runs out of gas, order a new one.”

2. Forgetting to keep an eye on your gas levels

Monitor the level of gas in your bottles regularly so you know exactly how much you have left. You don’t need fancy gadgets to do this – there’s a simple check known as the ‘hot water test’ that’ll do the job.

To measure gas levels using the hot water test, pour hot water down the cylinder while your gas appliances are in use. Then run your hand down the cylinder. It will feel cool to the touch at the level of the gas. If you use a larger tank, checking gas levels may be even quicker – these usually have a gauge which measures how much gas is left.

If you are running low, don’t forget to let your LPG supplier know by placing an order for delivery or giving them a call for a refill.

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3. Not providing clear access for delivery

If your LPG supplier can’t get access to your property, they may not be able to deliver your LPG. If there are any dogs, goats or crocodiles about (we’re looking at you, Darwin residents!) make sure they’re restrained and tell your LPG provider in advance so they can make a note for any future deliveries.

Gates should also be left unlocked, and anything blocking access to your LPG installation will need to be cleared. That can include your driveway.

“For delivery, gates should also be left unlocked, and anything blocking access to your LPG installation will need to be cleared.”

4. Changing your usage, but not your refills

Have you been shopping for gas appliances? If you’re using more gas appliances, your usage will most likely go up. Consider whether you need to increase the frequency of your LPG orders.

If you’re on a regular refill schedule give your LPG supplier a call to let them know of any changes to your usage. That way, they can adjust the frequency of their visits to suit your needs.

5. Paying too much

Fluctuations in the price of LPG can make it difficult to balance the budget and it’s important to ensure you’re receiving LPG at a competitive rate. Make sure you speak to your retailer to get the best price.

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