4 ways Origin is shaping the future of energy

Origin CEO Frank Calabria joined other industry leaders in a panel discussion about Australia’s energy transformation at the Australian Clean Energy Summit today, where he touched on four ways Origin is shaping the future of energy.

Frank outlined the rapid changes underway in the Australian energy sector and Origin’s role in securing a cleaner future for Australia and the world.

Panel discussion outtakes

The future of energy will be cleaner and smarter. Origin knows our future energy mix will mean more renewables, supported by batteries and gas.

Origin is also working on a number of exciting initiatives to help lead smarter energy use:

1.       We co-founded Free Electrons – a global accelerator that brings together eight forward-thinking utilities and 12 leading start-ups in renewables, smart grids, electric vehicles and home energy management. We’re piloting technologies from a number of these start-ups – electric vehicle technology and machine learning.

2.       We have established an office in Palo Alto, California to help facilitate our access to the vibrant Silicon Valley start up community.

3.       We’re trialling and investing in a number of start-up companies which provide more insight and control of energy use for our customers, and look forward to sharing progress on these in the near future.

4.       We’re sponsoring EnergyLab, the new home for clean energy innovation and Australian Energy technology start ups, which is located at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Read about how companies like Origin will be helping to meet the increased demand for energy at the same time as reducing emissions. 

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