4 tips to manage your bills

Finding it difficult to budget without knowing what your electricity or natural gas bill is going to be? Use these helpful tips to manage your bills better.

Bills; those annoying little (or not so little) things that seem to arrive in the mail far too often. With so many products and services requiring regular payment, bills can become an endless source of stress.

We’ve put together some helpful tips that will take the hassle out of managing your bills and payments. 

1. Go online

Keep track of your bills by switching to e-billing. Going online will help you reduce unnecessary clutter, keeping all your statements in the one easy place. As an added bonus, it’s also great for the environment! 

2. Check your payment options

Paying for each bill can be time consuming. With so many to manage, one might even slip through the cracks. Never miss a bill payment by setting up a direct debit.

3. Keep track of seasonal spikes

Seasons change and so does the weather. Remember to take seasonality into account when budgeting for your energy bill. For example, you might see a spike in your electricity costs over summer because your air conditioner is working overtime. A great way to keep an eye on how you’re tracking is through My Account, which allows you to check your energy usage online. 

4. Research fixed price plans

Have more certainty around bill costs and keep your finances in order by looking into fixed price plans. With rewards like Predictable Plan, you’ll avoid ‘bill shock’ by paying a fixed amount for your electricity or natural gas each month for one year (our Fair Use Policy applies if your usage is excessive or unreasonable). You can also check out EasiPay options and set up a weekly, fortnightly or monthly direct debit. 

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Use these helpful tips to manage your bills better.

If you’re not an Origin customer you can still get Predictable Plan. All we’ll need is 3 months of historical usage at your current address to calculate your plan.

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Predictable Plan has proved to be popular with many people who want to manage their bills better.

The plan is the first of its kind in Australia and takes into account the concerns of people who find it difficult to budget without knowing what their electricity or natural gas bill is going to be.

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