10 tips for staying cool this summer

Before you crank up the air con to stay cool during the hot Aussie summer – here are some easy ways you can stay cool without also cranking up your electricity bill.

There are better ways to spend your dollars in summer than on your energy bill. Here are some things you can do to stay cool while keeping your energy costs down.

Try not do over do it with the air con

Over summer, the air conditioner is probably your first choice when it’s hot outside. While it does a great job of keeping your home cool, it can be very expensive to run – so try using a fan instead. They’re good at cooling specific parts of a room and use a lot less energy. If you’re lucky enough to have ceiling fans installed, one of the best things about them is that they can cost as little as two cents an hour to run! If you’re opting for a pedestal fan, the best place to pop it is near your windows so it can push cool air through your home.

We know that the fan won’t always cut it during those long hot days and nights, and the air conditioner is sometimes a must. To make sure your air conditioner is working efficiently and not using more energy that it needs, it’s a good idea to give the filters a good clean or replace them regularly.

The temp you set your air conditioner can also make a big difference to your bill. Even on those super-hot days, it’s best to set your air conditioner to 24°C or higher – each degree under that uses 5% more energy. And for even bigger savings, only use your air conditioner when it gets to over 30°C outside.

Not using every room in the house? Set your air conditioner to cool different parts of the house when you need it or alternate the rooms you’re cooling – that way, you’re not wasting energy.

Keep the cool air in during the day and let the breeze in at night

During the day, when the air conditioner is pumping, it’s ideal to keep your windows closed to make sure the cool air doesn’t escape. But at night, when the temp has dropped and there may be a breeze, try opening the window to let the air flow in.  

Try and keep the sun out of your home

As nice as it is to have the sun light up your home, it also increases the temperature – and in the warmer months, this just means your air conditioner must work harder to cool the room.

You can reduce the temperature of your home by as much as three degrees just by using blinds, drapes or window shades to keep the sunlight out. And, window coverings with white surfaces facing outdoors will reflect the sun and do an even better job at cooling your room.

Another inexpensive and easy way to keep the sun out is getting some shade cloths for your front or back yard.

10 quick tips to stay cool and save energy:

  1. Try and use a fan whenever you can
  2. Position your fan near the window to circulate cool air
  3. Keep your air conditioner to 24 degrees or more
  4. Only use the air con in rooms that you’re using
  5. Keep your doors and windows closed during the day
  6. Open your windows at night to let the cool air inside
  7. Use blinds, drapes and curtains to keep sunlight from heating the house
  8. Consider installing a shade cloth to cover your house
  9. Use the microwave instead of the stove when you can
  10. Hang your clothes on the line to dry and avoid using the clothes dyer

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