It’s all in the name – EasiPay. A payment plan that makes it easier for you to know how much you’re going to pay – and when.

The EasiPay way

Energy bills fluctuate throughout the seasons. We all use more energy for heating in winter than autumn, and then more energy for cooling in summer than in spring.

This is where the EasiPay payment plan helps. We can look at your past and predicted future usage to estimate your total energy costs for the next year. We can then even out your payments to suit the frequency you prefer – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.

Just think of it as smaller amounts, paid more frequently. Your easier way to pay.

Video transcript


Energy bills fluctuate all year around.

We flirt with the heating in autumn and then crank it in winter.

It’s the same with cooling in the spring and summer.

Changing seasons means changing energy use – which means changes to your bills.

And not knowing how much you’re going to pay each time can make things difficult.

But at Origin, we have a way to make things easy. It’s all in the name – EasiPay.

EasiPay is a personalised payment plan that allows you to smooth your payments evenly throughout the year.

We start by looking at your past energy usage and estimate how much you’re likely to use in the future.

We then calculate your average electricity or natural gas cost. You tell us whether you want to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly and we’ll tell you how much!

Smaller amounts, paid more frequently, means less impact to your budget during high usage times.

That’s because your bills will be covered by credit you’ve built up when your usage has been lower.

Once every three months, we’ll review your plan to ensure everything’s on track to make sure you’re not paying too little or too much.  If you are, we may need to make changes, but we’ll always let you know.

When you read your bill, the main thing to focus on is the EasiPay payment plan.

Want to know more or talk to someone about EasiPay? Our Live Chat team is available Monday to Friday, 7 am to 7 pm and Saturday 8 am to 5 pm

It really is that easy!


1. Choose how often

Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. EasiPay evens out your payment amounts so you can budget to match.


2. Choose a start date

This is the date when your EasiPay payments will start. 


3. Set up your direct debit

Provide credit card, debit card, or bank account details you want payments to come out of, then automatic withdrawals do the work for you.

cached Small adjustments may be needed

Every three months, our system automatically reviews your payments against your usage, just to make sure you’re not paying too little or too much. If we need to make an adjustment, we’ll let you know.

Sometimes, you’ll have used less than you paid for, so your account will show a credit. If you’ve used more than you paid for, your account will show a debt.

But we work it out. We’ll tweak your payment amounts and you’ll be back on track.

attach_moneyGetting started with a debt?

We can accommodate this. Any outstanding amount owning will be spread across payments in your first three months. After this, your instalments will decrease to only cover your estimated usage charges.

description Your bills will keep you in the know

You’ll continue to receive regular bills that will show your EasiPay payment amount.

flare Energy plan discounts

By signing up the EasiPay payment plan you are still eligible to receive discounts on energy plans.

live_help Help is available

If you want to know more or talk to someone about EasiPay or payment plans at Origin, our Live Chat team is available Monday–Friday, 7 am – 7 pm.