Here comes your fresh iPhone app

A little change now
(for better updates later)

Heads up! You'll be logged out

It's like getting everybody outside before a big reveal. Log in again with your My Account email (the address we email you on) and password. If you've lost either you can retrieve and reset right there in the app.

Once you log in, you're in for good. No passwords or Touch ID or Face ID needed. It's app access, always.

If anything gets in the way of your registration or log in – we're here to help.

There's no bill history 

Just for a moment, while we get a few other features sorted. It's on the way back but for now, the app won't show your bill history. 

Our old app won't be supported

We're working on making the experience an altogether improved one – but we can only do that if it's all in one place.

Of course there's no pressure, but if you choose not to update, that older version of our app might not be great for long.

New stuff we've added


More usage

In the app right now, you can see your electricity and natural gas usage. And it's time for solar and hot water to get eyed off as well. If you've got them, get set to track your usage. As often, and in whatever breakdown you like.



One-tap bill payments

Paying your bill might not be fun but at least it can be hassle-free. With just one tap, you can use a saved credit or debit card to make a partial or full payment. Let that bill burden be gone!



Easier account management

Get a high-level view or dive-deep in the detail. Whatever level of data nerd you're at, we've got a view for you. This new version of the app gets straight to the point, making it easier to use and quicker to respond. A little less management, a little more assistant. We like that.


Help lead the way

We're hand-on-heart serious when we say your feedback guides our direction. Solving your problems, meeting your needs, or just hearing what you like the most. We're all for it. Because updates, improvements, tweaks here and there – that's what we're all about. 

Now you can share your feedback, without leaving the app.

Sad, happy, thumbs up and speech bubble emoticons for feedback

We're headed to a faster, finer future

We're adopting an improve-as-we-go approach. Which means when something stops being helpful, we change it. Keep us in the loop by sending your feedback through the app. We're listening :) 

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