We support prompt payments for small business!

We know that when small businesses thrive this creates good energy for our community and economy. We understand that in order to thrive, small businesses rely on prompt and on-time payment.

For this reason, Origin has committed to the Business Council of Australia’s Australian Supplier Payment Code. As part of this code we commit to paying eligible Australian small business suppliers within 30 days of receipt of correct invoice/delivery of goods (whichever is later).

To be eligible for the Origin initiative, suppliers must be able to demonstrate that they:

  • Hold a current Australian ABN
  • Have turnover no greater than $10 million in the last financial or calendar year.

For full details of the code, please refer to the Business Council of Australia website.

If you believe your business is eligible for the Supplier Payment Code, or for any other queries, please email Origin’s Procurement team at Origin.Procurement@originenergy.com.au.

To ensure prompt payment, please ensure that your submitted invoices comply with our invoice and payment guidelines.
If you have any specific concerns or complaints, please refer to our dispute resolution process.

Origin also participates in the Australian Government’s Payment Times Reporting Scheme, which aims to improve payment times for Australian small businesses.

For more information on the scheme please refer to the Department of the Treasury website.